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Grape - Hydr8 (4pack)




Farming Karma Hydrates provides a premium hydration experience, infused with electrolytes for replenishment. Crafted with natural ingredients and refreshing flavors, our beverages are free from artificial colors and preservative, offering a healthy and delicious choice for any occasion.

Sizes :

4-pack (4 individual cans per box)


Carbonated Water, Sugar(Apple Juice, Grape juice, Blueberry juice, monk fruit juice concentrate), Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Lime Juice, Citric acid (for tartness)

BC Grown Fruit

Fresh, hand-picked, BC grown fruit in every can

Sparkling Juice

All the joy and refreshment of a bright summer’s day.

The Healthy Choice

No added sugars and not from concentrate.

From farm, to can, to you. Watch the journey of our fruits!

Grape - Hydr8 (4pack)